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The Family Strengthening Programme (FSP) in Marsabit was established as a development intervention following  the Emergency relief (EP) program of 2011/12.

FSP Marsabit has  consequently embarked on implementing  livehood programs  endevouring to promote livestock re-stocking  and trading into a viable business. Livestocking re-stocking and trading is the main preoccupation of the pastroralist communities living in Marsabit.  The participant families have been  linked to livestock extension officers who educates them on  new and improved developments in the livestock industry . 

 A over 150 families from our target programme locations were given start-up livestock to strengthen their capacity to enhance sound livestock production for economic gain. This re-stocking involved distribution of 225 goats, 4 camels and 270 chicken, 275 goats to the families. The families were trained on animal production, disease prevention, basic veterinary drugs, and book keeping and marketing strategies.

 In addition, some of the  participant families  were also  incorporated as  members of  water user committees that manage water kiosks as a social business for revenue generation.

Today the Family Strengthening Programme supports close to 1000 children and youth in the community.

 In 2016, SOS Children's Villages Kenya rolled out an initiative to construct a Peace, Resource and Medical Centre. This facility will enable access to quality and affordable health care, whist facilitating youths access to various training programmes to mould them to productive members of the society, and will also act as a community meeting point where the various communities would converge for meetings to enhance cohesiveness in this part of the country.