"These villages of peace…know no bounds. That is a humanitarian breakthrough! We turn abandoned children into fortunate children. Their laughter and positive approach to life make our work worthwhile." -Hermann Gmeiner(Founder, SOS Children’s Villages)

Every child needs a loving family. SOS families provide stable, secure and loving care in a family setting for children who have lost their parents or cannot live with their biological family.

The SOS Village is, at its core, a community of loving, stable families. It is within the SOS Village that orphaned and abandoned children find an SOS Mother, brothers and sisters, and a home. Each Village consists of ten to fifteen family houses, and often houses a kindergarten, social center, and play space that is open to children from surrounding communities. Our Villages place a strong emphasis on integrating SOS children into the communities at large, enabling them to form lasting friendships and connections with people outside of their immediate SOS families.

Our family based care model is founded on four basic principles:

  • A Village: the SOS family is part of the community
  • A House: each family creates its own home
  • A Mother: each child has a caring parent
  • Siblings: family ties grow naturally, and biological brothers and sisters always stay together

With 5 SOS Villages, SOS Children’s Villages are places where orphaned and abandoned children can find a mother, a family, and a community.