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As part of the SOS Children’s Villages commitment to providing quality health care to local communities, SOS Children’s Villages Kenya runs medical centres across the country. Our SOS Medical Centers are serve as source of maternal and pediatric medicine available to families in need.

At present, SOS Children’s Villages Kenya runs three (3) medical centers around the country that offer vaccinations, classes on hygiene, treatments for HIV/AIDS, cervical cancer screening and treating and therapy services. Our medical centres are fitted with state of the art equipment

We also develop health prevention and treatment programmes for the most common diseases in a region, for example, malaria or HIV/AIDS. For many families living in remote areas, our medical centres are the only form of healthcare available.

When a family can access healthcare services, both children and their parents are more likely to survive and thrive. In this way, our medical centres help to prevent children from losing their parents and keep families together and strong.

Our healthcare services often compliment the work of the family strengthening programme, ensuring every child grows up in a nurturing environment.